His word does not return void


For the last couple of years, I’ve really been pursuing more understanding of the redemptive power of God. I just start scratching the surface and pretty soon my mind was blown! To see this reality at work creates a story, a testimony that carries with it a power to touch lives. I’m finding that I now filter every situation, circumstance and relationship through the potential for redemption. It doesn’t mean that I’m no longer touched by pain, hurt or betrayal. It does mean that when I give it all to Him, I am suddenly no longer confined by what I have gone through and the emotions that are evoked but, am able to move into freedom.

Today, my story of the pain of miscarriage, and the redemptive power of God in my life is featured on Angie Tolpin’s blog www.redeemingchildbirth.com

Please read and leave a comment!

Angie has a heart to see marriages, mothers and families thrive. I wish I had had this resource when I was pregnant!

Thanks Angie!

~ Esther

photograph of Esther by Melissa Vanderlinden Delve photography


2 thoughts on “His word does not return void

  1. Esther- Thank you for sharing your sweet story with us all at Redeeming Childbirth! It is a message of hope. I look forward to referring to it and highlighting it throughout the years as mother’s I come across are in need of encouragement. Blessings my friend!

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