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Thank you so much for your interest in my books. These are stories that burned so strongly in my heart that I could not help but write them. Writing is an intensely private matter for me. Blogging is a stretch, and I’m much more comfortable with the many journals I’ve filled that no one will ever read, than the books I’ve penned and now made available.

My boldness in sharing these stories comes first of all from obedience to the One who I believe compelled me to write them. As I took the sketchy outline for each book that I gathered from my mum and aunt for Bedstemor, and from scripture for I am Mary, I would sit quietly and wait, hands outstretched until the story unfolded in my heart. I would not dare to depend on my own imagination and creativity, other than that which was first birthed in God, the creator. Secondly, it is my privilege to share stories that have propelled me closer to Jesus, and have made a way for deeper healing in my life. The testimonies that people have shared of the impact on their life assures me that I made the right choice.

Books available now on Amazon

Bedstemor by Esther E. Hawkins

I am Mary by Esther E. Hawkins

These books are works of fiction based on true stories. They are simply my interpretation of events and characters and not intended to imply facts or historical accuracy.


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